Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Wednesday 12/19/07

There are no students on campus this week, so we can dress casual every day. I love jeans and sneakers, but I also get tired of wearing them every day. This was my outfit this morning: just your basic white button shirt and blue jeans. I should get darker jeans for work. After I took this picture, I looked at it and thought, "It needs something." So I added my favorite velvet jacket:

Belive it or not, I got this jacket for $3 at K-Mart. My sister is my good luck charm when I'm shopping. She spotted the jacket on a clearance rack as we were walking through the store. Seriously, she should charge for her services or something. I owe so many good articles of clothing to her eagle eye.

My jeans are L.E.I. They are the only jeans that I've found that are short enough for me. Other jeans are at least 5" too long. They are pretty reasonably priced for jeans (usually no more than $25 a pair).

I don't know how short women find jeans that fit. I'm 5'2", which is not that uncommon, but it's nearly impossible to find pants that fit. I actually prefer to buy slacks, because I can cut them and use hem tape to hem them to a good length.

While I'm on the topic of pants, I'll bring up something I've been thinking about for a long time...why can't women have waist sizes for pants like men do? Size "5" means nothing to me. The fit varies so much depending on the brand that I usually have to just pick a number and see how far away it is from a proper fit. It's amazing how I can fit in a size 3 in one brand, and I have to squeeze into a 9 for another brand. This is not helping!

I don't think women are so sensitive about their size that they wouldn't shop for pants that had a waist size. I remember once buying a pair of Levi's shorts that had a waist size. I was so happy to be able to find the right size! That was several years ago, and I haven't seen anything like that since. I know that I'm not the only one who feels this way on this matter. Can't we do something about this? I'm so jealous of my husband, who can find the perfect pair of jeans based on waist and inseam measurements.

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