Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday 12/20/07

Today I'm wearing my new brown pants from Steve & Barry's (on sale for $8.98). My sister gave me a gift card for Christmas, so I wanted to get them while they were on sale. They're one size bigger than my green ones, so I should have worn a belt. Now I'll be pulling my pants up all day. Also in the top picture, you can kind of see the new necklace that my sister got me for Christmas. She's an awesome sister, right? The picture of my shoes doesn't really do them justice, I think. I got them for $19.99 at Payless, and they were inspired by tap shoes. Cute and comfortable!

My outfit is kind of boring today, so I thought I would post pictures of my cubicle decorations. They're a little dark because we use "task lighting" in the office, and I didn't want the others to see camera flashes.

This is my Rocco Deluca poster. A friend gave it to me as a wedding gift. She knows how much I love music. I have this sitting on my desk, leaning against the cube wall because I didn't get anything to hang it yet. It will probably stay like that for years.

At one of my previous jobs, I had the nickname "Shortcake." This doll reminds me of the supervisor who gave me that nickname.

These are my Rudolph figures. My mom gave me Bumble two years ago, and he's been a popular guy around the office. People love to walk by and give him a tap, because he's a bobble head. Yukon Cornelius (on the left) is a new edition. I got him this year at CVS. He's not a bobble head, but he's still cute. Rudolph in the middle was given to me this morning by my cube mate.

This was my first office plant. My gram bought this african violet years ago. It hasn't bloomed yet. We don't have windows in our offices. Her name is Petunia.

This is my bonzai ficus. His name is Pauly. If I would have realized when I bought him that he had to be pruned because he was in stone, I might not have bought him. I hate pruning him, because I wish he could grow.

The plant on the right is an ivy named Harley. She likes the light. There's a stuffed cat that looks like my cat Pepe, a wedding photo, and a fall flower basket. The flowers are there to block the air from the overhead vent from blowing onto the thermostat on the wall to the left. If the air blows on the thermostat, the heat will run constantly.

This isn't really my decoration, but it's the office Christmas tree. I'm told we used to have a big tree, a holiday party, and a gift exchange, but we don't do that anymore. We haven't in the three years that I've been here.

I have more, but we'll save that for another day.

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