Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pseudo-Shopping Trip

Today I was really in the mood to shop, but I'm broke until payday. I decided to leave my wallet in the car and just try on some clothes for fun. I was looking for a particular style to try, just to see how it looked on me. This was the result:

I remember trying on a shirt very similar to this one when they were full price at Bon-Ton. This one is on sale for $4.99.

Holy cleavage! This one was also on sale for $4.99.

I didn't realize until I tried this one on that it was the same as the brown one. I think this shirt makes me look pregnant.

I'm not sure what the price was on this maroon shirt/dress. It was nice, though.

I got stuck in this dress! It said size 12. I think it was a girl's size 12, though! (See my "I'm stuck in this dress" pout?) It was brown with pink and white polka dots.

I fell in love with these shoes at Payless. On sale for $13.99.

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SpiderGirl said...

I loooooove those shoes!