Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a Runner!

On May 5, 2009, I started the Couch to 5k running program. Check out for a full description and training schedule. If you've always wanted to try running, you should definitely check it out! I wanted to run, but I could only run for about two minutes before giving up. My legs burned and I was out of breath.

The Couch to 5k program (abbreviated C25k) starts you out with intervals of running/jogging for 1 minute and walking for 1.5 minutes to recover. I won't lie, it's tough. But it slowly gets you in shape, and by the end, you can run 3.1 miles! One of the best tips is to run very slow. I mean really, really slow. If you stick with it, it really works! I've run four 5k races between June and November! After I finished C25k, I could have kept going and increased my long distance runs, but I wanted to work on building consistency.

There is a popular local race next Thursday (Thanksgiving Day) called the Run for the Diamonds. It's the 100th running of the race, and I wish I could compete, but it's a 9-mile run with some tough hills. I'm just not ready for that. But by next year, I'll probably be ready.

I'm a slow runner. Very slow. My best mile was 10:37, and I don't know how I managed it. lol. I don't see myself winning any medals or trophies for my speed. But if you run a half marathon, everyone who finishes gets a medal! So, I've decided on a new challenge...the half marathon! It's 13.1 miles, and it's going to be really tough. But the half marathon that I've chosen is May 1st, so I have all winter to train.

I know I can do it! I keep visualizing that medal. I made a training schedule, and I even give myself a star sticker every time I finish a training session. Yesterday I ran 3.1 miles on the treadmill, and I even beat my last 5k race time! This Sunday will be my long, slow distance run, and I have four miles planned, which is my longest run so far.

Wish me luck!

This is me (on the right) and my sister, at our last 5k. She's so supportive! She has done three races with me (walking).

Friday, September 18, 2009

The case of the missing lunch

About a year ago, my lunch was stolen from the refrigerator at work. I brought leftover mushroom garlic pork chops (this was before I became a vegetarian, obviously), and when I went to heat it up for lunch, it was gone! First I thought that perhaps I accidentally left the container in my car instead of bringing it in to work, so I checked there. Nope. Then I thought that maybe I left the container at home. Nope, it wasn't at home either. Someone stole my lunch! I sent an e-mail to everyone in my building, asking them to at least return the tupperware container. I never got the container back, though. Since then, I always write my name on my lunch container, even though I don't know how that would stop someone from stealing it...luckily, I haven't had anything else stolen.

Yesterday, one of my coworkers discovered that someone had stolen her food from the freezer. She had a frozen pizza and some chicken that she was going to give to her son, but someone else took it. It wasn't labeled, but it was in a plastic grocery bag.

Who would steal someone else's frozen food? For that matter, who would steal someone's leftovers? I could see if it was a yogurt, or an un-labeled piece of fruit. Perhaps someone could mistake it as their own. But you can't mistake a frozen pizza and chicken, or leftover pork chops!

For those of you who work in offices, have you ever had food stolen from the fridge?

Check out this contest from Prior Fat Girl! She's giving away some of her favorite things!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Couldn't Handle It

I tried the no-coffee/only water challenge. I really did. I made it through two whole days without coffee. Then I went to the movies, where I caved. The thing that did me in was getting popcorn. I like to drink coke when I have popcorn at the movies. I could have had water, but...well, I was weak. I gave up. The next morning, I had coffee, and it was FANTASTIC! I felt so good that I vowed never to give up coffee again.

I just ordered two vegan cookbooks: Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengence. I can't wait to try some new vegan recipes! I've heard some really good things about these cookbooks.

I really need to get a food processor. My mini one isn't cutting it.

I have yet to find a hummus recipe that I love. People go crazy over hummus, and I feel like I must be missing something...

Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Coffee!

Jen ( challenged her readers to drink only water for the rest of the month. When I read about the challenge, I thought, “Yeah, right.” I remember trying to give up coffee a while ago (a few months ago, I think), and I didn’t make it any farther than the first day. Then Jen chastised everyone who commented and said that they would give up everything else but coffee. So, I had to give it a try.

Today is day one of the no-coffee challenge. I should call it the water-only challenge, but I hardly drink anything but water and coffee, so to me it’s the no-coffee challenge.
The thing is, it shouldn’t be that difficult for me. I drink one cup of coffee in the morning. Very rarely, I’ll have a second cup, but it’s usually on a weekend, and I most likely wouldn’t drink the whole thing. I make my coffee weak, partly because I like it that way, and partly because I buy free-trade coffee. It’s expensive, so I want to use less of it and make it last longer. So, in theory, I shouldn’t be as addicted to caffeine as someone who, say, drinks a pot of coffee every day.

But it is difficult. I have a slight headache, and I can’t shake this feeling of being tired. I tried sipping water out of a coffee mug this morning, but it didn’t work. Tomorrow I might even try sipping warm water. I think that herbal tea is allowed (probably decaf only), so I could try that in the morning. I once tried to trick myself with decaf green tea. That didn’t work either.

It’s funny, the emotions that I go through when trying to give up coffee. Almost immediately, I start wondering, “Why the heck did I want to give up coffee in the first place?” That’s where I am right now. I’m determined to at least make it through two days. I really think that it’s possible for me to make it to the end of the month, but for now my goal is to make it through today and tomorrow with no coffee.

Is it wrong to eat chocolate for the caffeine? I had some dark chocolate after lunch, and I sort of feel like I cheated, because chocolate has caffeine. But I didn’t eat it strictly for the caffeine. I usually crave something sweet after lunch, so I have a few pieces of dark chocolate. I got one of those Endangered Species chocolate bars (with a chimpanzee on it), and they are so good! I’m so used to dark chocolate that if I try to eat milk chocolate, it doesn’t taste right.

I read somewhere that an apple will wake you up more than coffee will. I went to the store and bought some apples so that I can eat them in the morning. Of course, I’m hungry for one now, so I’m eating one for a snack. It’s so juicy and sweet! I love fuji apples. And you know what? It might just be a psychological reaction, but my slight headache is going away!

One thing that I have to be careful about is making sure that I’m drinking enough water. I felt like a slug all morning, so I really wanted to just sit at my desk and work all day. I had to remind myself to keep drinking water and refilling my cup. (I usually bring a large reusable water bottle, but I forgot it today.) Normally, I don’t have to remind myself to drink water, but I guess when I’m feeling sluggish, it’s not on my mind.

Do you think you can drink only water for the rest of the month? Join the challenge! Give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Need Direction...

This blog needs direction...or should I just post random things about my life?

I saw Chevelle last weekend. I've seen them about five times, but this was the first time that I was close to the stage and could actually see them play. They are an amazing live band.

Oh yeah, I started running in May, so you can probably expect a lot of blogs about running. I'm hooked! I ran a 5k in June, and it was awesome! Really tough, but worth the effort. I finished at 40:07. I'm a slow runner, but I'm proud that I finished!