Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I Couldn't Handle It

I tried the no-coffee/only water challenge. I really did. I made it through two whole days without coffee. Then I went to the movies, where I caved. The thing that did me in was getting popcorn. I like to drink coke when I have popcorn at the movies. I could have had water, but...well, I was weak. I gave up. The next morning, I had coffee, and it was FANTASTIC! I felt so good that I vowed never to give up coffee again.

I just ordered two vegan cookbooks: Veganomicon and Vegan with a Vengence. I can't wait to try some new vegan recipes! I've heard some really good things about these cookbooks.

I really need to get a food processor. My mini one isn't cutting it.

I have yet to find a hummus recipe that I love. People go crazy over hummus, and I feel like I must be missing something...

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