Thursday, January 21, 2010

My First Track Run!

Yesterday was my first indoor track run. Overall, I enjoyed it! First of all I need to say, holy cow the gym was crowded yesterday! I went right after work, and I intended on using a treadmill, but they were all taken. So I made a quick decision to try the indoor running track.


I like running where I feel like I’m actually going somewhere.
The track is cooler in temperature than the cardio room, and they have big fans running at two spots on the track.
I got to experience running with other people (even though I was passed by all of them. ha!).
The track is more forgiving than pavement or cement.
One lap is 1/8th mile – it made it easier to do my 2-minute running intervals, because I knew that I had to run one lap, plus about 30 seconds. It kept me from looking at my watch too often.


The track circles a bunch of basketball courts, so I had to keep an eye out for stray basketballs.
I actually nearly got hit in the head by a soccer ball.
People were playing catch with a football right on the track and didn’t move out the way when runners came by.
People were sitting on the track.
No TVs like in the cardio room.
One lap is 1/8th mile – a long run gets kind of boring, compared to running outside.

Like I said, overall it was a good experience, and I’d run on the track again. But it was a big pain in the butt to have to dodge people while running. At one point I found myself thinking, “I paid for this?” I talked to a friend this morning about how crowded it was, and she said that it would calm down later in the semester.

I went to the rec center today at lunch time, and it actually wasn’t too crowded. I used an elliptical machine for 30 minutes, and while I was working out, most of the treadmills became available. It seems that the rec center isn’t very busy at noon.

I wanted to mention, there are some really hardcore cardio queens at the rec center! The girl next to me was really pushing hard on the elliptical machine. Man, I felt like I was putting in a good effort until she started!

I’m still avoiding the weight room…I do need to get into a regular strength training routine, though. My sister and I are going to start a 30-day challenge with EA Sports Active for Wii on February 1st. She’s nearing the end of her first 30-day challenge. I started one last month, but I slacked off. I end up signing up for too many things, and I don’t have time for all of them!

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