Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This blog needs a reboot.  I haven't written in two years??

First things first:  (I'm imagining that I actually have readers...ha ha)  My life has changed drastically in the last year.  My husband passed away unexpectedly on June 23, 2011.  I lived in our home for a few months, but I had to declare bankruptcy, give up the house, and move into an apartment.  Besides the loneliness (and sometimes despair at having to live my life without my other half), I'm finding that my life has a lot of good things.  I'm a lot more financially independent, and there are things that I really enjoy about living alone.  I control the remote!  I can have weekend-long x-files marathons, and I have a no-pants rule in my apartment.  I still have my two cats, so they keep me company.

I'm still running, but that's something that also changed last year.  I over-trained and got a stress fracture in my left foot.  I took a verrrrry long time to recover, and truthfully I was afraid to start running again. But recently I completed a 3.4 mile run and finally felt like a runner again.  I'm currently training for an 8k trail run.

I'm going to make this blog more about my daily life. I was searching for blogs about living alone, and I couldn't find any, so I thought that maybe there's a void that needs to be filled.  There are some funny things about living alone, like having a Zoey Deschanel moment by making up a song about going to the kitchen for a glass of water. 

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