Friday, January 4, 2008

New Accessories!

I'm having some blog spacing issues, so I apologize if this post doesn't look right. My outfits have been pretty boring lately, so I haven't been posting them.

I got this watch at Big Lots for $8. I had been an anti-watch person for years, but lately I keep finding myself in a position where I need one (i.e., meetings, doctor's office). Once again, I have to thank my sister for being my good luck in finding this bargain! I was looking for a square faced watch, and this is exactly what I wanted!

These shoes are my most recent purchase: $6 on clearance at Payless! They are a replacement for my Vans sneakers, which have served me well for the past three years. Aren't they cute?

Oh yeah, I was so bored yesterday that I took a picture of my tissue box at work. It's a stylish tissue box, though! Also pictured: my favorite travel mug (with a peanut butter & banana smoothie inside) and a framed picture of my husband at work.

I might go to a thrift store this weekend. Hopefully I'll have some wonderful pictures to share!

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